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Standard Chartered

How we made banking a breeze

Breeze Banking’ from Standard Chartered Bank targets a new, ambitious and aspiring generation of global consumers who expect more from their bank and want an account on their terms.

When we were approached to help with the launch, awareness was already strong but take-up was low: we were briefed to develop online comms to drive consideration and conversion.

We wanted to tell the story of the brand, giving context and meaning to the various products and services, in order to encoure debate and discussion and account openings. We created a series of web films and rich media banners to bring the proposition to life and ‘push’ the experience web-wide. Primary markets were India, Singapore and China.

The effect was pronounced for both brand engagement and conversion: there were 300K organic views on Youtube in India alone and the campaign delivered the highest conversion rates that Standard Chartered has ever seen in a digital campaign.