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Change4Life - Get Going
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Change 4 Life

Changing attitudes and behaviour

Every year 'Change4Life' deploy multi-channel campaigns that seek to change behaviour and improve health. In 2012 the focus was how active a lifestyle we lead, which shifted to driving awareness of saturated fat, salt and sugar in the diet in 2013 and 2014.

In partnership with Freud Communications, ArtScience developed the digital and social engagement elements of these campaigns: In the 
'Get Going' Facebook app (2012) you answer a series of questions to see which 'fitness typology' you are e.g. 'Stress Cadet' or 'Thrill Seeker'. Different activities would then be suggested to improve your diet and health. In the 'Food Smart IQ Quiz' Facebook app (2013) you had to identify the everyday food from a choice of 3 that contains the most salt, fat or sugar. The more correct answers, the higher your Food IQ.

Both campaigns generated a huge amount of online and traditional media exposure. 
'Get Going' was played by over 10K people and 'Food Smart' by over 15K. Both contributed to significant fan growth and over-performed in organic and paid-for reach.